What Are Graduate Assistantships?

Graduate assistantships

Graduate assistantships are opportunities in which you provide support to faculty members at a university. These positions generally pay less than $19,000 a year and often include administrative duties. These positions are governed by USCIS and federal income tax regulations and require you to adhere to certain guidelines. Below is some information about the various types of graduate assistantships.

Teaching assistantships pay a median of less than $19,000 a year

An assistantship may not be the most lucrative job option, but it can provide you with valuable work experience. Depending on your field of study, assistantships may involve research, teaching, or both. They can also open doors for a variety of career paths.

As an assistant, you will be paid a stipend that varies according to the grade level and appointment type. The stipend amounts for each grade are established annually by the University. Assistants are expected to work an average of twenty hours per week.

Research assistantships may involve teaching responsibilities

Graduate assistantships may involve teaching responsibilities as well as research activities. Teaching responsibilities may include proctoring exams and placing books on reserve in the library. Generally, assistants will report to a faculty member who is responsible for overseeing their work. They may also assist the faculty member with research activities or help students use lab equipment and solve assigned problems.

Graduate assistants must also meet specific work assignments, which vary depending on their program and department. Depending on the department, these duties may include office work, teaching, or research. Regardless of their work assignments, the graduate assistants should find an assistantship that provides them with the opportunity to apply their academic skills and develop new administrative skills. They should be offered a detailed job description, and the department should be clear about what responsibilities they will be given.

Administrative assistantships may include administrative duties

Graduate assistantships are positions that allow students to assist with administrative functions, usually in a university or research unit. These positions may involve clerical, computer-based, or editorial duties. Graduate assistants may also be assigned to special projects. Administrative duties are common in graduate assistantships and can help students gain experience in their field, while also advancing their education. Graduate assistants must meet specific qualifications and have a clear job description before being appointed.

Graduate assistant appointments are usually for a semester, and the duration of an assistantship is based on a student’s enrollment and performance. Graduate assistants must work at least seven and a half hours per week. The benefits of a graduate assistantship include full or partial tuition and a stipend. However, students are responsible for their own registration fees, educational service fees, and practicum fees. Most assistantships are for one academic year, with applications for the 2021-22 academic year opening in the first week of May.

Teaching assistantships adhere to USCIS and federal income tax regulations

USCIS regulations for teaching assistantships are very specific and require that these jobs adhere to federal income tax and USCIS regulations. Assistants who are on a partial-time appointment must work a prorated portion of the full-time appointment on specifically assigned duties. In addition, assistants must engage in academic progress toward their degree during non-TA activities.

Assistants should receive two-weeks’ notice if they wish to resign from their position. They should also send a letter to Human Resource Services. In the letter, the student should state their reasons for resigning and the date of their resignation. Once the student has resigned, the department must send a written acceptance of the resignation to the student with the date of the resignation. The PAF must be forwarded to Human Resource Services along with the letter.


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