The College of Europe

european university college

With two campuses in Belgium and Poland, the College of Europe is an internationally acclaimed postgraduate institution dedicated to the study of Europe. Its unique interdisciplinary approach and senior academics from 25 countries ensure a truly European experience. Founded in 1949 on the initiative of the Hague Congress, the College of Europe brings together university graduates from across Europe to prepare for careers relating to European cooperation.

While European University College does not provide its own data on acceptance rates, it uses the statistics of other nearby universities to estimate the rate of acceptance. The admission statistics are based on average acceptance rates and therefore are not necessarily indicative of an individual college’s acceptance rate. If you are considering applying to the European University College, keep the following information in mind. For admission requirements, visit the European University College website. Its live chat feature provides assistance and information regarding the admission process.

There are many benefits of co-operation between European universities. Students can learn about other cultures and languages, and exchange experiences with European counterparts. The Erasmus+ programme aims to increase international competitiveness of European higher education. Its funding is provided to institutions that want to partner with other universities. This means that if you are looking for a job in a foreign country, it will be easier to find a good job in another country if you study abroad.

The European University College’s faculty is internationally trained and comes from top dental schools around the world. EUC has a long tradition of serving the local community. Faculty members are carefully chosen based on their teaching and clinical skills. They have consistently demonstrated a commitment to translating research into practice.


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