Study Medicine in France For International Students

study medicine in france for international students

Studying medicine in France is a good option for international students who are looking for a challenging environment and high-quality teaching. The country has a highly competitive medical degree system. First-year students are required to pass a preliminary exam known as the PACES (Premier Cycle d’etudes Medicales) before continuing to the second year. The second cycle of medical studies is known as the DCEM and lasts for four years. During this time, students take seminars, meet academic requirements, complete clinical internships, and take another round of theoretical examinations. Once you have completed this second cycle of studies, you will be ready to sit for the third cycle of studies, the Diploma of Special Studies.

There are several medical schools in France, and prospective students should decide which one to attend. Students must remember that each one will charge different tuition fees. They should also consider the cost of living and the duration of study. France is a great choice for international students because it offers high quality education and a relatively low cost. It is possible to study medicine in France for less than $3,000 a year.

Applicants can submit their applications online and pay the required fees. If their application is successful, they may be called for video interviews. After receiving a letter of acceptance or confirmation, students should submit their academic transcripts, scores on required entrance exams, and statements of purpose.


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