What to Expect From an International Graduate Program

international graduate program

An international graduate program is an excellent opportunity to gain international experience and work with different cultures. These programs are typically 18 months in length and take place in different countries. For example, a graduate of the European RWE International Graduate Programme may spend time working in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, or the UK. The program allows its participants to choose projects that interest them, and each placement will last for three months. To apply for the program, candidates must have a Master’s degree and good English language skills.

The IGPE office works with the American and international host schools to develop programs and professional development opportunities for their students. The program includes ten courses, delivered either on-site, online, or through a combination of on-site and off-site instruction. The appropriate staff in the host school works closely with the program director to decide which courses the student will take. The courses are taught by a team of international education specialists. The program is also supported by a student support team that is available to assist students.

IGPM alumni have significant potential for pursuing careers in science, medicine, and biomedical research. These professionals are capable of initiating research proposals and conducting independent projects and can play an important role in their fields. Many IGPM alumni also go on to strengthen international collaborations in biomedical research and medicine.


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