Low Budget Universities in Europe

Low budget universities

In many European countries, the number of universities has grown, but there hasn’t been any increase in the quality of education. Many of the newer universities were only expected to provide teaching, not advanced research, and the number of exceptional students is small. Moreover, the majority of students only start university study because they are frightened of being unemployed in the future or because the education is free.

University of Basel is one of the cheapest universities in Europe

The University of Basel is one of the earliest universities in Switzerland. It is also the oldest university operating today. It offers a variety of courses in English and German. The tuition is just $1,714 per year, making it one of the most affordable universities in Europe.

University of Paris-Sud is a low-budget study abroad university

University of Paris-Sud is based in the southern suburbs of Paris and is considered one of the most affordable universities in Paris for international students. This university is famous for its science and math departments and is also considered one of the best low-budget study abroad universities in Paris. Its average tuition fees are 350 Euros per year and the university has a 100% acceptance rate for students from local areas.

University of Vienna is tuition free

If you have ever dreamed of attending a world-class university but couldn’t afford the tuition fee, consider studying in Austria. The University of Vienna offers tuition-free courses to students from developing countries. This includes students from Angola, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Burundi, and more.

University of Basel

The University of Basel (BASEL) is an educational institution located in Switzerland. Admission to the university is open to local and foreign students. Its academic staff comprises around 1,000 specialists, most of whom are foreign nationals. The university offers several exchange programs for students and has a large library. It also offers hostels for nonresident students.

University of Paris-Sud

The University of Paris-Sud is one of the most affordable universities in France, with tuition fees of approximately €2,650 per year. Its main campus is located in the southern suburbs of Paris and is home to five schools. The campus is also home to a botanical garden, featuring one of the best collections of camellias in Europe. The university enrolls approximately 12,000 students. Its academic programs include mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, earth and space sciences, and more.

University of Gottingen

University of Gottingen is an affordable college where students can get a degree without breaking the bank. The school does not charge tuition fees and only charges for administrative costs. However, students must have a reliable source of funding. This is because students can only obtain a visa and residency permit if they have enough funds. It is imperative to plan your finances carefully before you start your studies.


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