Types of Study Abroad Organizations

study abroad organizations

Study abroad organizations are third-party providers of study abroad programs. They are independent of universities or other educational institutions, and facilitate study abroad programs. These organizations also coordinate and oversee student visa and immigration requirements. There are several types of study abroad organizations. Some are for-profit and some are nonprofit. Regardless of their type, these organizations help students get the best value for their money.

AFS Intercultural Programs: Founded in 1915, AFS Intercultural Programs connects over 10,000 students a year with study abroad opportunities. Their programs range from month-long summer programs to semester and year-long college and university programs. They also award scholarships to deserving students. In total, AFS offers more than forty study abroad programs in countries across the globe.

External programs: These programs can include a broader selection of destinations than exchange programs, and are often facilitated by third-party study abroad organizations or other U.S. institutions. These programs generally offer more structured academic and cultural experiences. Students may enroll in courses taught in English or learn a second language. These programs can also include group trips or weekend trips.

Independent organizations: While independent organizations may offer similar study abroad programs, there are differences between them in terms of fees, what is offered, and which institutions they use. It is a good idea to check a few different study abroad organizations before making your final decision. Make sure to check out their deadlines, application fees, and refund policies. You’ll also want to see if they have any additional fees, including late fees.