Cost of Study in New Zealand

The cost of study in New Zealand can vary wildly, depending on the institution and degree programme. Private accommodation, for example, is more expensive than public accommodation. In Auckland, a three-bedroom apartment can cost up to NZ$3,276 per month. In Dunedin, a similar apartment will cost about NZ$1,520 a month. To help cover the cost, students can take up part-time work and/or apply for scholarships from universities.

There are many private tertiary and training institutions that offer courses in various fields. These institutions offer certificates, diplomas, degrees, and master’s degrees in a range of subjects. There are more than 800 private institutions registered with the NZQA, and around one quarter of them are Maori-owned and operated.

International students can also work part-time while studying in New Zealand. This can give them extra spending money during their study period. Furthermore, they can work in New Zealand for a year after graduating, and two years after graduating if their job is directly related to their degree. The New Zealand government also provides international scholarships for study.

Students who are planning to study in New Zealand are advised to get a valid student visa before beginning their studies. Students must be able to prove that they can cover the cost of accommodation and living expenses for the first year. This is usually around PS7,529 for the first year.


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