Korea Study Abroad Scholarships

korea study abroad scholarships

The Korea Government is looking for students who want to study abroad in Korea. The Korea Scholarship Program offers scholarships to international students interested in studying Korean language and culture. The scholarships are given to the top applicants within specific slots and require that students complete a language course. Once accepted, recipients receive a monthly stipend and living allowance of about $800.

The University of South Korea offers an array of scholarships to foreign students. Hankuk University, a private research university in Seoul, offers several scholarships that will cover up to 100% of tuition fees. Students can receive scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees from this university.

If you are looking to study abroad in Korea, check with the study abroad office at your school. The study abroad office may also offer scholarships that are specific to Asian countries. You can also inquire with your local travel hub or political studies center to see if they offer funding for the study of Korea. These programs will give you a unique cultural experience and a global perspective.

The SNU President Fellowship program is one of the best scholarships in Korea for international students. This scholarship is given to students studying at an international university who have outstanding academic achievements. The deadline for applying for the program is 1st September 2022.