Study Overseas Globally

study overseas global

Financial aid is an excellent option for students who want to study overseas. Many students qualify for federal loans, and some private grants cover study abroad expenses. Check with the financial aid office at your school for more information. Once you know what your financial aid package will cover, it’s time to choose a school and begin your application.

Many schools will ask for a motivation letter or personal statement when you apply for study abroad programs. This is a great way to express your personality and what you’re looking for in a program. It’s also a great way to get to know the school and learn about its goals. A motivation letter should be no more than 500 words, and should clearly explain why you’d like to study abroad. Don’t include any generic statements that suggest that studying abroad is only about making friends.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report ranked critical thinking and problem-solving skills as the top skills employers seek in a new employee. In addition, international internships are increasingly seen as a key recruitment pipeline for employers seeking globally aware employees. With these benefits, it’s no wonder that many employers are recognizing the importance of studying abroad.

In addition to learning a new language, studying abroad helps students gain valuable work experience in their host country. Many students choose to find jobs in the countries they live in, making their education highly valuable. Additionally, it can be a great opportunity to discover new interests.


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