Paid Social Work Internships Abroad

paid social work internships abroad

Social work internships abroad can be found at grassroots organizations or with larger international non-profit organizations. Often, these internships focus on underserved communities and are supervised by a licensed social worker or psychologist. Some of these opportunities focus on health education, drug rehabilitation, homelessness assistance, or LGBTQ issues.

A Costa Rica internship may be a great choice for social workers seeking an opportunity in a developing country. The country offers internships focused on promoting human rights for women and children, and preventing discrimination against LGBTQ and indigenous communities. You’ll gain valuable experience while volunteering with the local community and practicing your Spanish skills.

Paid social work internships abroad can be conducted in Ghana, Costa Rica, or another foreign country. This opportunity offers hands-on experience through community-based organizations and can take place in a clinic or school. You’ll be working with the local population in a variety of settings, from orphanages to senior living facilities.

Paid social work internships abroad are a great way to advance your career in a competitive field. The OECD will fund interns at an average of 700 euros per month for a full-time position. You can choose to spend six weeks or more at a time, depending on your goals.

Paid social work internships abroad are a great way to gain experience in the field and gain a more comprehensive understanding of issues facing people in developing countries. Some internships even include a language course. These experiences are often invaluable in completing practical requirements for a social work degree.


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