Study Abroad in International Business at Southern Miss University

If you are planning to study abroad in International Business at Southern Miss University, there are many things you should know. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the costs, opportunities, and coursework. Once you have a clear understanding of these factors, you can decide whether it is the right choice for you.


Studying abroad is a good way to get a different perspective on international business. You’ll gain an appreciation of the challenges of international business as well as different business cultures and traditions. This program will also enhance your communication and business skills in different countries. Many companies value candidates with international business experience.

There are many different programs available for international business students. The program that’s right for you will depend on your interests. Many programs are focused on the hospitality industry, while others focus on finance or banking. Most programs will require writing-intensive courses, and they may also place a premium on second language fluency.


There are a variety of costs associated with studying abroad, from housing to daily transportation. While some study abroad programs include these expenses in the upfront program fee, other students need to research expenses in the host city. In addition to housing, the cost of travel can add up quickly. Some universities help students rollover their tuition. The Office of Study Abroad can help students determine the cost of study abroad. Regardless of the location, studying abroad will open new doors for students and enrich their worldview.

Non-exchange programs typically include tuition, though some programs may charge this separately. In addition, students need to pay visa/permit fees, which can range from $60 to $600. Some students must travel out of state to apply for a visa or permit, which adds to the overall costs. Housing and meal expenses also vary depending on the location of your studies. Many programs will provide information about local housing options. Travel expenses are also a concern, and should be covered by the student.


The School of Business offers a variety of opportunities to study abroad. Students can spend a semester or even a whole year in another country, all while paying the same tuition and fees as if they were attending a local university. Through this program, students can gain valuable experience by studying international business in a culturally diverse environment. For example, students can visit large multinational corporations as well as small entrepreneurial ventures to learn more about cross-border business strategy. They can also tour important cultural sites and participate in group discussions on global business issues.

An international business degree requires a strong foundation in math, statistics, economics, and writing. Students will also need to have a good understanding of foreign languages. Having the ability to communicate well in a second language is important in international business, as this field involves communicating with people from different cultures.

Requirements for admission

In order to study abroad, students must meet specific academic requirements. These requirements can vary depending on the program. Most courses require a minimum of six credits. Students must have a solid high school academic background. Some programs may require a strong foundation in math, statistics, economics, and writing. Students who study abroad will also be required to complete a foreign language requirement. For those who want to study abroad for a full semester, they may take a language course as part of their curriculum.

In order to graduate with an international business major, students must also complete an internship or study abroad. A study abroad program must be approved by the Department of Business and the Office of Registration and Records. Typically, the program admits 25 first-year students each year, with transfer students accepted on a space-available basis.


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