Masters Degree in Ireland

masters degree ireland

There are a number of benefits to studying for a masters degree in Ireland. Not only can it increase your employability, but you can also specialize in a specific subject. Most master’s programs last a year, but some are longer and include research components. Others may require two years of full-time study.

For students who are passionate about Irish culture and literature, a master’s degree in Creative Writing is a great choice. The program allows you to learn from your peers and instructors during guided workshops while also studying the cultural history of Ireland. Another excellent option is a Master’s of Environmental History, which combines Environmental Studies and History to study the interplay of nature and culture over time. It incorporates quantitative methods with qualitative underpinnings.

The cost of a Masters degree in Ireland is usually between EUR3,000 and EUR30,000 for an academic year. However, fees may be lower or higher depending on nationality. International students may be eligible for tuition-free university degrees, depending on their immigration status, residence, and course requirements. However, postgraduate study in Ireland is not cheap.

For international students, studying for a masters degree in Ireland can be an affordable option. There are a number of scholarships offered by nonprofit organizations and the Irish government, and there is no minimum tuition fee. Furthermore, some courses may qualify for the Student Grant Scheme. However, this does not apply to courses outside the EU.


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