The German Education Fair

german education fair

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) organizes a virtual education fair to attract prospective students from around the world and inspire them to study in Germany. The fairs feature presentations by German universities about their English-language study programs and general information on the country. The DAAD also answers questions related to education and employment opportunities in Germany.

The German education market is one of the largest in Europe. There is an increasing interest in studying in Germany due to the growing number of English-speaking schools. Many of these students are interested in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. DAAD offers a funding scheme for study in Germany. The expo also provides information about scholarships, opportunities, and requirements for students.

At the fair, students will be able to speak to representatives of German universities, language classes, academic exchange services, foundations, and more. There will also be expert talks and a chance to take a free trial German language class. Besides presenting the study programmes of a few universities in Germany, the fair also includes an opportunity for students to speak with German professors.

Other exhibitors at the fair include the German Embassy and National Cheng Kung University. A discussion round with experienced personalities and a presentation on working abroad in Germany are just a few of the many activities scheduled for the event. Moreover, teachers of German language courses are welcome to attend as well.


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