Medical Schools in Europe Teach in English

medical schools in europe taught in english

If you are looking to study medicine in Europe, you can look for medical schools that teach in English. Some of these medical schools are based in Western Europe, while others are located in the Mediterranean. Choosing the right school depends on your educational goals, finances, and cultural preferences. Some medical schools are only open to a limited number of students and have specific eligibility requirements. If you are looking for a high quality education and an international experience, consider enrolling in a medical school in Europe.

The cost of studying at a medical school in Europe is relatively low compared to the US and Canada. For example, tuition fees at medical schools in Central Europe are around one-fourth the cost of those in the US and Canada. Living expenses can range between EUR5,000 and EUR10,000 per year.

European medical schools teach in English and have internationally recognized medical degrees. Each country’s medical schools require different entry requirements, but most will require a high school GPA and grades on national examinations. Most of these exams bear little resemblance to SATs or MCATs and have fewer questions. In addition, most require good English language skills for entry.

Medical schools in Europe that teach in English are plentiful. There are hundreds of leading universities throughout the continent. In fact, most reputable universities offer English-taught courses. Additionally, the diversity of choices means that there is less competition for admission. Moreover, international students won’t be competing with local students for places in medical schools.


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