Organizing an Education and Career Fair

education and career fair

Organizing an education and career fair can be a great opportunity to explore postsecondary options. It can help students to identify their career interests and identify the courses they need to complete in order to pursue a specific occupation. Although some career fairs focus on careers, others combine career and education topics. Here are some tips for putting together an education and career fair that attracts students and employers.

First, consider the audience. A career fair is a great way to meet potential employers. At a college career fair, you can network with prospective employers and explore potential job opportunities. While many of the attendees will be new to the field of education, many will have years of experience. If you’re new to teaching, or are considering changing careers, you can find your dream job at an education and career fair.

Secondly, consider the size of the venue. A large exhibition center will allow many companies to exhibit, and the venue will allow many. If your school or company has a small booth, you can still visit the event. However, keep in mind that the space at an education and career fair is limited. Make sure to come prepared. If you show up unprepared, you’ll have less success.

Lastly, plan for breakout sessions. Breakout sessions typically run 30 minutes, and focus on a few groups of students. The breakout sessions should be focused on high-demand industries, specific workplace skills, or education programs. The most effective breakout session presenters will develop engaging presentations to capture the attention of their audience. If you’re not sure how to manage student time, resource materials from the Guest Speakers chapter of the ECMA may help.


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