Scholarships For Summer Study Abroad

scholarships for summer study abroad

There are several scholarships available to students pursuing summer study abroad. Some of these programs are available for rising sophomores and juniors. Others are open to students pursuing a degree in a foreign language. Scholarships for summer study abroad programs vary widely in terms of their qualifications. For instance, students interested in studying in Latin America can apply for a partial scholarship.

Scholarships for summer study abroad are awarded to students who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0. If the applicant holds a B average or higher, the scholarship award can range from $250 to $1,000. Applicants are usually notified about the award decision three to five weeks after the deadline. Applicants are encouraged to submit as many applications as possible.

Students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds and those from underrepresented populations can apply for the Student of Color Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded on a need-based basis, and is intended to encourage minority students to study abroad. Students who are eligible for the program must be enrolled in a U.S. university and have an interest in international studies.

Another opportunity for underrepresented students is the Jean et Marie-Louise Dufrenoy scholarship. This scholarship supports two American students pursuing undergraduate degrees in the sciences, technology, or creative arts. The award is worth a total of US$25,000 and is paid out in two installments.


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