Human Resources Internships Abroad

hr internships abroad

Human resources (HR) internships abroad provide students with a unique opportunity to develop their professional skills and grow as a professional under the supervision of experienced professionals. These internships may include a broad range of tasks, depending on the company, sector, and student’s level of experience. Typical tasks may include human resources administration, payroll management, and recruitment, but students can also choose a more specific role that is more tailored to their own interests and career aspirations.

CISCO, based in San Jose, California, offers two HR internship programs. The first is a 12-week summer internship that enables students to gain practical experience in human resources. The second program, known as the Human Resource Leadership Program (HRLP), is a three-year accelerated development program consisting of three one-year assignments in high-impact consulting roles. This internship enables students to build their interpersonal and leadership skills while gaining valuable international work experience.

When applying for HR internships abroad, prospective students must meet the specific requirements of their program. Typically, students must be attending college full-time and must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition, students must complete at least four credits of HRD internships abroad. Typically, interns will be involved in organizational development activities, including team building, coaching, and engaging in diversity initiatives. Students should contact their program contact to find out which internship opportunities are available in their desired locations.

Human resources interns should have excellent communication skills, be self-motivated, and have excellent computer skills. They should have intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and Windows systems, as well as proficiency in internet search engines. In addition, applicants must have excellent analytical skills. For instance, students who wish to pursue an HR internship abroad should make sure they can speak the language fluently.


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