Study Medicine in France in English

study medicine in france in english

Studying medicine in France is a great option for students from English-speaking countries, and there are numerous medical schools that offer courses in English. In addition, the cost of studying in France is surprisingly low, and many hospitals pay for your tuition. However, you should consider your budget before applying to medical schools in France.

French medical schools are highly selective. Both local and international students must pass the PACES exam in order to continue their studies. This exam is difficult, and only a third of applicants pass. If you don’t pass the PACES exam on your first attempt, you will have to wait until your second year to apply.

Studying abroad is a great way to broaden your horizons and experience a foreign culture. You may also have the chance to live in a beautiful city while you study. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to experience other cultures and travel. In addition, studying abroad is a great way to enhance your career prospects in medicine.

France has a long tradition of excellence in medicine, and many international students choose to study medicine in France for this reason. French universities are known for their innovative methods of learning, and medical degrees from their colleges are coveted worldwide. Moreover, France has an efficient healthcare system, which ensures that all patients receive quality care.


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