How to Pass International Medical Entrance Exams in Italy

international medical entrance exams

If you want to study medicine in Italy, you can take the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT). Some Italian universities offer undergraduate courses in English and will accept applicants from outside the country. However, you cannot take IMAT in all Italian universities. Some other countries, such as the United States, also offer IMAT.

There are two types of exams you can take: the Step 1 CK exam and the Step 2 CS exam. Each has different eligibility requirements. It is necessary to know the requirements of the test for your country before you enroll. Applicants must also have graduated from a medical school that is listed in the World Directory.

International students may be eligible for private or institutional loans. If your chosen university offers financial aid, be sure to inquire about it. Some institutions will require that you prove your financial ability. You can also discuss these issues with the admissions staff. The Financial Aid Office can help you determine the right financial aid. And once you have a medical school, you’ll need to meet with the admissions staff.

If you want to study medicine in Italy, you can take the IMAT. It consists of a 90-minute test, and each question has five possible answers. A correct answer awards one point, while a wrong answer deducts 0.4 points from your total score. The test is administered in Italy and in more than 20 countries around the world.


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