The Indian Students Experience in Ireland

indian students experience in ireland

The Indian students experience in Ireland can be a positive one. The country’s unemployment rate is over four percent, but the demand for graduates remains high, especially in STEM fields, ICT, and financial services. This makes studying in Ireland an attractive option for international students. Ireland also has the advantage of being an English-speaking country, making it easier for Indian students to get a good job after graduation. Although the UK is the traditional destination for Indian students, it has lost ground to Ireland in recent years.

There are over 40,000 Indians living in Ireland. A majority of them work in ICT, Healthcare, Finance, and Education. It is important to note that not all subjects have good job prospects, and competition is fierce in this small country. Therefore, students studying in Ireland should be proactive and strategic about their job search.

The Irish education system encourages creativity and innovation, and the country’s universities rank among the world’s top research institutes. This provides students with abundant opportunities and the flexibility to explore new ideas. Students from India are drawn to STEM subjects, which are in high demand in Ireland’s IT industry.

The Indian community in Ireland has steadily increased in the last 10 years, and around 50,000 Indians live in Ireland permanently. This community of immigrants provides a supportive environment for students. After graduation, Indian students can work in Ireland, as they are eligible for a two-year stay-back visa. Major pharma companies and ICT companies are present in Ireland, and there is also a vibrant financial services sector.


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