Studying Abroad For a Civil Engineering Degree

civil engineering study abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best ways to earn a civil engineering degree. Not only can you get a better job, you can also experience the latest technologies. While bachelor’s degree holders typically work in the traditional architecture field, master’s degree holders often advance their careers in functional sectors. They have an excellent foundation in technical skills and have been trained to leverage modern technology.

There are a number of different civil engineering study abroad programs available. One such program is the Civil and Environmental Engineering Semester, a six-country study abroad program that exposes students to the diverse approaches to developing smart green cities. Another program is the Green Challenge, a competition that pits student teams against one another in projects that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The first two years of civil engineering degree programs focus on providing a broad overview of the discipline. Students learn about the basic elements of engineering, apply those principles in real-world design problems, and develop their communication skills. They also engage in hands-on training in materials testing, surveying, and manual and computer-aided drafting. They also receive instruction on the use of software tools for the field of engineering.

Study abroad opportunities can change from time to time, and may not be available at the time of application. This is due to changes to curriculum, partner universities, or travel restrictions. If you are interested in studying abroad, contact your study abroad advisor for updated information. Remember, you must meet the academic requirements of your University as well as the requirements of your chosen partner institution.


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