Study Journalism in Europe

study journalism in europe

If you are interested in pursuing a career in journalism, study abroad in Europe is a great option. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to study in a new country while also building your portfolio. The Institute for Education in International Media offers a three-week course in Valencia, Spain, and a four-week course in Berlin, Germany. Students can earn journalism elective credits during their time abroad.

The German economy is one of the strongest in the world, and studying in Germany can help you earn a decent salary. Most journalists in Germany earn at least EUR4,000 a month. However, some jobs pay up to EUR6,000 a month. No matter where you study in Europe, the salaries you can expect to earn are very reasonable.

Depending on your level of education, you may decide to study Journalism in a Master’s degree program. Depending on your choice, undergraduate degrees may be more theoretical in nature, while graduate programs may focus more on practical skills. A Bachelor’s degree in journalism is typically more extensive and covers more ground than a master’s program. However, you can also enroll in a master’s program after you have completed a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Some of the most popular undergraduate courses for journalists include History, Politics, Economics, and Foreign Languages.

In addition to studying abroad, students can benefit from cultural differences in the country they choose. Studying abroad can also help students stand out among their peers. It will showcase that they have the cultural and language skills to successfully work in a foreign environment. Furthermore, studying abroad allows you to improve your language skills, which is an essential skill for journalists.


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