Undergraduate Study in New Zealand

Undergraduate study in New Zealand allows students to earn a Bachelor’s degree in three years. This is an ideal choice for students who do not want to take general education classes. Instead, they will take courses that are related to their major, such as nursing. In this way, they can be sure to graduate with a well-rounded education.

In order to qualify for an undergraduate course, applicants must demonstrate that they are capable of mastering the subject. They can do this by taking IELTS or TOEFL tests. Most universities in New Zealand accept these tests as evidence of English language proficiency. If you cannot meet the minimum score, you can seek advice from IEC Abroad.

International undergraduate students can expect to pay about NZ$22,000 to $32,000 for their studies. However, the fees for medical and veterinary science degrees are significantly higher. Regardless of whether you choose to study abroad or in your own country, you’ll have to consider the cost of living while you are in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s government-funded Polytechnics and Institute of Technology are two excellent options for students. These institutions provide education and training in many areas, and many put students into practical classes as soon as they arrive. These programs are generally two to 18 months long and include internships and apprenticeships.


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