How to Get a Canada Study Visa

canada study visa

To study in Canada, a student needs to possess a study visa. This can be obtained from the Canadian government in two ways. The first is by enrolling in a Canadian university, while the second way is to obtain an IELTS test. IELTS is a globally recognized test that measures English language proficiency. A good score of this exam is required for obtaining a study visa.

The student visa is important in proving your student status to the government. Before you apply for a study permit, you must be sure you will be able to pay for your tuition and living expenses while studying in Canada. It is also necessary that you must have enough money to get back home at the end of your program. Additionally, you must be of good health and have no criminal record. You must also show that you will leave Canada once your study permit expires.

The study permit is a short-term permit that allows you to stay in Canada to study. It is valid for one year and expires upon completion of your study program. You must apply for a study permit before you leave your country. A study permit requires that you have a letter of acceptance from a DLI, a proof of financial support and proof of citizenship. If you have been accepted into a Canadian university, make sure you register yourself early and keep track of important dates. If you arrive too early or too late, you will have to be sent back and miss important events like orientation.

Before applying for a study permit in Canada, you need to have a passport with a validity date that covers the duration of your stay in Canada. You must also have your acceptance letter from a university that is recognized by the Immigration Department. If you are pursuing your studies in Quebec, you will need to have a CAQ or Quebec Acceptance Certificate.


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