Applying For a PR After Study in Australia

pr after study in australia

If you want to apply for a PR visa after studying in Australia, you must keep a few things in mind. First, you need to have sufficient financial resources to support yourself. Therefore, you must provide supporting financial statements with your application. However, many applicants are unsure if they will be asked to submit these documents. If you fail to provide sufficient proof, you can expect to have your application rejected. Also, you must pass the English language proficiency test.

In addition, you should not go for a PR after study in Australia if you do not have work experience in the field of study. It will take at least a year of working in the field before you can apply for permanent residency. Fortunately, most of the requirements for PR after study can be fulfilled with work experience. You can do this through a skilled visa or through the Employer sponsorship scheme.

If you wish to obtain PR after studying in Australia, you need to first apply for an Expression of Interest (EOI). You can fill out this form by visiting Australia’s Skill Select website. After filling out the online form, you need to answer a few questions based on your skill level. Depending on your response, you will receive a list of visa subclasses that correspond to your skill level.

If you are a graduate of an Australian university, you can apply for a PR after studying abroad. This will help you improve your English language skills, gain employment experience, and boost your qualifications. A bachelor’s degree, for example, is worth about ten points, while a doctorate degree, or a PhD, will attract twenty points. You can also add points for employment experience outside of Australia.


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