How Indian Students Can Make Money in New Zealand

There are a number of ways in which Indian students can make money in New Zealand. The first is to open an FTS account, which enables them to withdraw a fixed amount each month to meet their living expenses. This can be done by visiting the nearest ANZ bank branch.

The next is to get a work permit. This visa can be extended for two or three years. The government of New Zealand provides numerous scholarships for international students. Apart from that, New Zealand has one of the lowest tuition fees of any other country in the world. The New Zealand education system is based on the British system, which makes it easy for Indian students to blend in.

Immigration NZ says that it has received 11 percent more student visa applications last year than it did the previous year. However, most were declined. The NZQA also said that some education agents were actively promoting New Zealand as an option for easy entry and enrolment. This is because agents are paid a commission for sending students to a particular education provider. Universities offer a fixed rate of about 10 percent commission, while Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics pay up to 30 percent. However, some agents have been allegedly offered up to 50 percent commission to send students to PTEs.

The New Zealand government expects a large growth in the number of Indian students in 2014-15. Already, 23,000 student visa applications have been processed. The country’s diverse education system provides a wide range of courses.


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