An Online Theology Degree Prepares You to Teach and Preach

online theology degree

An online theology degree will prepare you to teach and preach, and it’s an excellent choice for aspiring Christian ministers or those who want to work in a parachurch ministry. The program is asynchronous and offers flexible start and finish dates. In order to start the program, you must have a bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent, and you must have completed at least two years of college. Applicants must submit official transcripts from the college or university where they earned their bachelor’s degree.

Online theology degrees can be earned at a number of universities. For example, Christian Leadership University’s online bachelor’s in theology degree program offers a unique experience that allows students to hear God’s voice. Students can even fast track their degree by up to 50%. To apply, students must submit transcripts from previous schools, as well as a Life Experience Portfolio.

The program at Martin Luther College is a 36-credit online Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Students may opt to pursue one of three degree programs. Because the program is offered online, students can work at their own pace and choose courses to suit their schedules. The curriculum includes a variety of topics, including Genesis and bioethics. The program requires 18 credits of core courses, which can be taken part-time.

Many online theology degree programs incorporate training in critical thinking and special education. Students can learn how to be an active listener, which requires full attention and understanding of points. They can also learn how to respond appropriately to others.


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