Grainger Engineering Study Abroad Programs

engineering study abroad

If you are a Grainger Engineering student, you may be considering studying abroad during your third semester. To prepare for your trip, visit your academic advisor and explore possible options. You may also want to attend an engineering study abroad workshop, which will introduce you to the basics of studying abroad. After completing the workshop, you should meet with an IPENG advisor to explore your options. You should also review the course approval process prior to leaving for your trip.

The College of Engineering supports several programs abroad to prepare students for a global engineering career. The nature of engineering requires engineers to work on pressing global issues that cross national boundaries. These international issues range from global health to environmental problems. To address these challenges, engineers must understand global cultures, issues, and forces. For example, recent engineering students visited India to work in the Grand Challenges Impact Lab.

In Europe, many universities have engineering programs that are internationally recognized. Germany has a renowned engineering industry, with BMW, Volkswagen, and Porsche headquartered there. The United States is another popular destination for engineering students. MIT, Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley all offer study abroad programs. These universities offer courses at top colleges and universities throughout the world.

You should check the eligibility requirements of each program carefully. Most programs require you to have a certain GPA and class level, while some have language requirements. Make sure you verify the dates and program requirements with your advisors before finalizing your decision.


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