Dawn Education Expo 2020

dawn education expo

The DAWN Education Expo is one of the most credible events in the education industry in Pakistan. It brings together both local and foreign education institutions to create an environment where prospective students can explore their options and make informed decisions. The event provides a forum for college-bound students to connect with international institutions and discover how their education can lead to a better future. In addition to providing information about different courses and programs, the expo allows prospective students to meet the institutions and enroll in the programs they are interested in.

During the 17th Dawn Education Expo 2020, the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (AUCAD) held a booth at the event. This university is one of the region’s few arts and design focused universities and houses internationally renowned academics. It hopes to push students into the global arts and design community, and drew a large number of potential students from Pakistan.


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