Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies

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The Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies is an institution that is dedicated to educating students in the Asian region. Its mission is to cultivate global citizens with a comprehensive understanding of the Asia Pacific region, fostering their basic knowledge of global society, applied knowledge in the social sciences, and communication skills. This program will help students develop their specialized abilities, enhance their communication and collaboration skills, and contribute to the development of sustainable societies in the region.

At the college, students will gain a specialized understanding of the Asian region and gain hands-on experience tackling global issues. They will also develop new ways of thinking and acquire skills in language and information technology relevant to their field of study. Upon graduation, they will be prepared to pursue a variety of careers in the region.

Students who plan on enrolling in APS classes are strongly encouraged to take the Introduction to Area Studies course, which explains the theoretical framework and methods for learning about the Asia Pacific region. After completion of this course, students will have the opportunity to apply for an Area of Study that is of interest to them.

The Master of Asian and Pacific Studies program is designed for students who are passionate about studying this dynamic region. The program enables students to gain critical and advanced knowledge of the Asian region, as well as develop advanced research and project management skills. The Master’s program also gives students the opportunity to specialize in specific disciplines and thematic areas of study.


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