How to Study in Canada Without IELTS

canada without ielts college list

Many universities in Canada will grant you admission without IELTS, but the criteria for acceptance may vary. Some require a degree in the English language, while others accept a certificate from a university in another language. If you don’t have a degree in English, some universities may require you to take extra English language courses.

One university in Canada that doesn’t require IELTS or other language proficiency tests is the University of Toronto. This university offers more than 300 different courses and a community of 18,000 international scholars. It’s one of the best Canadian universities for international students without IELTS.

Another option for studying in Canada without IELTS is to take an online English course. Many Canadian universities will accept an online English language course instead. Some universities will also accept specific levels of IB English Literature as proof of language proficiency. You can also take an Intensive English Programme (IEP) offered by your chosen university.

If you have good grades, you can get admission to a top university in Canada without an IELTS test. Some universities also accept a Letter of Recommendation from your previous educational institution.


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