Medical Studies in the USA

medical studies in usa

For students who are looking to pursue medical studies in the US, the possibilities are limitless. The ideal climate and academic standards of the US make it an ideal place for medical studies. The prerequisites to apply for top US medical schools include a four-year college education, a decent MCAT score, and letters of recommendation.

Medical school generally lasts four years and is followed by a three to seven-year residency. During the residency phase, students gain hands-on experience in their specialty. International students can opt for fellowships which can provide one to four additional years of training. After graduating, students will be eligible to take the USMLE STEP-3 exam.

There are many specializations in the medical field. Students pursuing this field must complete a Bachelor of Science degree in a relevant field before applying for a medical degree. Upon completion of the MD, students must apply for a residency program. The residency program is essential for practicing medicine. In the USA, the medical degree is the second highest degree earned by students.

To enter medical school in the US, students must first complete a bachelor’s degree. These courses typically take four years to complete and include prerequisite classes in biology, chemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics, and English. Unfortunately, the attrition rate among “pre-medical” students has been higher than 50%, which can be attributed to their dissatisfaction with the required courses. Additionally, students must pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), a test which evaluates their knowledge of science and critical reasoning skills.


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