Study in France in English Bachelor Degree Programs

study in france in english bachelor

A study abroad program in France can be a great opportunity for students with a passion for the English language. There are several options for English-taught bachelor’s programs, including programs at American University of Paris. This private liberal arts university offers courses in everything from Art History to Entrepreneurship. Upon completing your studies, you can choose from a variety of majors. You’ll need to be fluent in French, though.

The French university system allows for flexible scheduling. Students may choose to study for one or two years. They can also apply for a one-year Temporary Residence Permit (also known as an AP) that allows them to stay in France for up to one year after graduation. This allows them to look for a job or start a company while living in France. Furthermore, they can also use their U.S. Federal Financial Aid to study in France.

There are also a number of graduate programs offered in English. Many Master’s programs allow some or all coursework to be done in English. Students can search for these courses on Campus France, which lists over 1,000 master’s programs in English. Some examples of these programs include the New York University Paris campus and the University of London Institute.

In addition to being able to study in France, English-speaking students are also able to enjoy the country’s culture. If you’re a non-native English speaker, you should learn to speak French before studying abroad. You’ll find that most French-speaking locals are fluent in English, but prefer to speak their native tongue.


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