Study in South America

Study in South America

If you want to study abroad and travel to different countries, one option for you is studying in South America. The country is home to many universities and colleges, and you can study at a variety of these institutions. Here are some of them: PUCV, Universidad Catolica de Chile, and Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


PUCV is a university in Chile that attracts students from different parts of Chile and hundreds of international exchange students every year. It has an excellent academic reputation and offers convenient student exchange programs. PUCV is a multidisciplinary university with important contacts in the fields of science, engineering and the humanities. The university is privately owned but is recognized by the Chilean government and the Bishopric of Valparaiso.

Academic programs offered by PUCV are designed to offer students a full-immersion experience, regardless of their Spanish-language proficiency. Depending on the program, students may take classes alongside international and US students, or they may choose to attend classes taught by Chilean students. Some students may opt to take classes with Chilean students who have advanced language skills.

To study in Chile, students will need to apply for a long-stay student visa. This visa is stamped into a passport and allows participants to stay for more than 90 days. Students will be provided with instructions on how to apply for a Chilean student visa once they are accepted to the program. Students with non-US passports will have to go through a different procedure.

Universidad Catolica de Chile

If you want to study abroad, you should consider studying at the Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC). This university is located in Santiago, Chile, and has four campuses. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Latin America. Its rankings place it in the top 33 universities in the world. This institution has more than 28,000 students. If you’re planning to study in Chile, you should contact the school’s international coordinator to find out which programs are open to international students.

Whether you want to study in Chile or other Latin American country, it’s important to choose a prestigious institution. The Pontifical Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC) is one of the top business schools in the region. Its business school is part of a full-fledged university and is accredited internationally. The PUC business school serves over 5.000 students each year.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The National University of Colombia (UNC) is a public, research university located in Bogota, Colombia. It also has satellite campuses in Arauca, Tumaco, Leticia, Palmira, and La Paz. The university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The mission of the University is to provide higher education and research for the national benefit. The university promotes access to higher education and encourages research and artistic creation. It also contributes to the nation’s unity and identity. The institution offers 453 different academic programs. It is also a center for research and development in priority areas for the country.

The campus is located in the city’s Teusaquillo neighborhood. It features a 300-acre campus that includes the Leon de Greiff Auditorium and Francisco de Paula Santander Plaza. In addition, the campus hosts Colombian professional football league games.


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