Delhi Education Budget Increases Under AAP Government

delhi education

During the past six years, the Delhi education budget has increased by more than 50%. It has also increased almost every year. In the present fiscal year, the AAP government is spending at least 26% of Delhi’s total budget on education.

The AAP government’s education model is based on four key components. These include: the construction of new schools, the introduction of new courses, the training of teachers, and the establishment of School Management Committees. The AAP government claims that these initiatives have made Delhi’s education system world-class. But it has a long way to go before it makes these big claims.

The Delhi government was aware of the challenges faced by students in government schools. The National Achievement Survey (NAS) report had shown that the students were falling behind in both Math and Language. The Delhi education system launched the Chunauti campaign to check the dropout rate.

Chunauti aimed to close the learning gaps of nearly 9.5 lakh students. It was launched on Teacher’s Day in June 2016. Students were divided into three groups, based on their basic maths and foundational learning abilities. They were taught using different learning methods.

In the first three years of the AAP government, the budget for Delhi’s education increased dramatically. AAP built new classrooms, auditoriums, and staff rooms. It also aimed to repair the existing school buildings. It also sent principals and teachers to Cambridge University for training sessions. These sessions exposed teachers to the best models of learning in the world.


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