Australian Study Requirements 2016

study in australia requirements 2016

Whether you are an international student or a prospective student, you should understand the Australian study requirements and know how to get a student visa. You must also learn about the costs and fees associated with the course you choose.

Students must show that they have enough funds for living and schooling costs. These costs vary depending on the state and school. They also need to provide proof of English proficiency. They can take an English test, such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. If your English is not good enough, you may have to take an intensive English course.

Students who want to stay in Australia for a longer period can apply for a post-study work visa. These visas allow international students to work for up to 40 hours per week during their study and unrestricted hours during vacations. The visa is valid for two years.

International students must also have adequate health insurance. The policy needs to cover the student’s stay in Australia and medical expenses. They can purchase an OSHC through their university or through a third-party insurance company. The policy costs approximately $437 for a year.

Students who want to work while studying in Australia should also be aware of the policy and its terms. They also need to know how to apply for Overseas Student Health Cover. The health insurance will provide medical coverage and help cover hospital expenses. It is recommended that you visit the DIBP website for more information on the policy.


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