How to Study Medicine in New Zealand

Getting into a medical course in New Zealand can be difficult, but it is possible. The admission process is competitive and the number of places is limited to around 300. The course lasts for six years. There are four medical schools in New Zealand. The four schools are operated by two universities. The universities are recognised around the world for their medical courses. They are also well connected to local medical institutions.

Admission into medicine in New Zealand depends on academic merit. The university will consider applicants’ scores on the UCAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test). It is also possible for students to enter the second year of the MBChB (Medical and Biomedical Sciences) programme if they have completed a bachelor degree in a science-related field. In this case, applicants will not have to take the UCAT test.

The first year of the course includes a pre-medicine year. This is an opportunity to learn about the human body and the functioning of the immune system. Students also study aspects of physiotherapy and pharmacy. This is followed by a general scientific education year.

The first two years of the course include a mix of lectures and labs. Students then spend the next year on a hospital placement, where they will be involved in real patient care.

The final year of the course is a research-based Honours programme. This is an opportunity for students to research a subject of interest and then apply that knowledge to medicine.


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