The Education System in Canada

education system in canada

Educating children in Canada is a top priority. The country boasts a state-run public education system that is administered by the local and provincial governments. The public system is divided into school divisions, which typically follow local curriculums.

The Canadian education system includes four stages, which include pre-elementary, intermediate, secondary, and tertiary education. There are also various programs for adults and drop-in classes, and night schools.

Pre-elementary school is provided for children from four to five years of age. The curriculum includes physical education, reading, and social studies. It also includes instruction in the French language. Typically, public schools offer pre-elementary education for free. In some areas, private schools are also offered.

Secondary education is provided to children from age sixteen to seventeen. The duration of this program varies from province to province. In Quebec, students finish high school at grade eleven (Secondaire V). In other provinces, students finish at grade nine (Secondaire VI).

Students in intermediate education are generally taught the same subjects as students in primary school, but the level of difficulty increases. The curriculum includes math, social studies, reading, and art. Foreign language instruction is also included in the intermediate school curriculum.

Students who want to study at a college or university in Canada are required to attend post-secondary school. There are two types of post-secondary education, vocational and technical schools. In vocational schools, students learn trade skills and gain real life experience.

Canada is divided into 10 provinces and three territories. The provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia have their own publicly funded school systems. These systems are governed by boards of trustees elected by voters in each district. In most areas, the curriculum is determined by the local school district board.


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