New Zealand Study Visas For International Students Without IELTS Scores

Several top universities in New Zealand accept international students who do not have IELTS scores. However, it is important to verify the requirements of each university before applying. These universities offer alternative processes for application.

The IELTS is a test that measures the proficiency of an international student in English. It evaluates a student’s reading, writing, and reasoning skills. Some universities also conduct interviews to evaluate a student’s English language skills. If you are unsure of whether or not you meet the requirements of a particular university, it is advisable to contact a course advisor.

To be eligible for a New Zealand study visa, international students must show proof that they are qualified for the course. Applicants can submit proof of their English medium education, marksheets, and academic records. They can also provide testaments of other language capability tests.

Students must also provide a bona fide certificate from their school to prove that they have completed their studies in the English medium. The certificate must also state that the applicant has passed all exams in English medium.

New Zealand offers many English-taught courses to international students. To be eligible for these courses, applicants must have attended an English-medium school from grade eight to twelve. The marksheets must also show that the education in higher secondary was conducted in English.

International students who are applying to universities in New Zealand should be prepared to budget for their stay. Living expenses are included in the cost of studying in New Zealand.


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