Free Education in Europe For Indian Students

free education in europe for indian students

Thousands of Indian students are studying in Europe. While most of them are enjoying a free education in Europe, there are a few countries that are also offering scholarships to the aspiring international students. These scholarship opportunities are offered by the federal government and universities.

In most countries, international students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week. Besides, the cost of living is relatively low in many of these countries.

However, there are some countries where you may be charged a small fee. These fees can range from EUR30 to EUR60. This fee could cover your student welfare organization membership, health services, sports activities, and counseling services.

In the United Kingdom, you can get a degree for free. In Australia, you can get a degree for a fraction of the price. In the Netherlands, you can get a degree for comparatively little money.

You can also study in Finland for free. This country has been known for its excellent science and technology courses. It is also a great place to explore outdoor adventures.

Switzerland and Norway are two other countries that offer scholarships to international students. The Swiss government offers scholarships to both Indian and foreign students, and the Norwegians offer free education to all their citizens.

The Czech Republic is a country that also offers free education to international students. While this country does not have the same level of literacy as other countries, there is still a good chance of finding a quality education in this country.


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