UNC Chapel Hill Study Abroad Staff

Study abroad Project Management

The UNC Chapel Hill Study Abroad office is committed to assisting students with their study abroad options. We have been providing education abroad programming for over 25 years. In addition, our program offers dual accreditations. This includes a degree in MS in Project Management, up to three years of OPT, and an Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science from the International Institute of Project Management (IIITB).

Aside from providing a variety of international opportunities, the study abroad office has a long list of staff members dedicated to helping students navigate their study abroad experiences. Those who can help include the Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors, who can connect you with other UNC students who are interested in studying abroad. They can also help you prepare your application for study abroad, including your visa application. If you are considering a semester or year abroad, you should apply before October of your first semester of college. You can even join an optional workshop to gain a better understanding of the process.

Some of the staff members you may want to talk to are Sarah Ross, Robert Ross, and Ken Nesbett. These individuals are all experienced in study abroad and provide advice to students. Additionally, they are all incredibly passionate about the program they oversee. While they are currently studying in Continental Europe, they are excited to share their experiences with other students.

Before joining the UNC Study Abroad office, Ken was working for a local community college in Cedar Rapids. He enjoys hiking and camping. He also enjoys playing board games with his friends. Other hobbies include exploring the mountains, getting out in nature, and traveling.

Another staff member you may want to speak with is Chrissie Greenberg, who has a background in higher education administration. She is the Senior Director of Business Operations for the Study Abroad Office and serves on the University Managers’ Association’s Board of Directors. As a graduate of the University Leadership Education and Development program, she is well-versed in international finance diversities.

Lastly, you might consider speaking with Jade Ruddy Hibshman, who works as an Enrollment & Credit Transfer Specialist. She has traveled throughout Southeast Asia and Europe, and she knows the importance of ensuring a seamless academic credit transfer process. Her passion for exploring the world came to fruition during her undergraduate degree. She is now pursuing a Master’s in International Studies at NC State. After completing her degree, she hopes to continue to support students studying abroad.

Mallory Bailey, who is also a staff member of the Study Abroad Office, has studied abroad in Peru, Spain, and Czech Republic. She enjoys writing about her adventures, and she is eager to help other students make the most of their study abroad experience. Besides traveling, she loves to spend time with family and friends.

The UNC Chapel Hill Study Abroad office also has a full-time Director of Global Engagement, Jason McLaughlin. With a background in international education, he has worked at a variety of universities and programs. His passion is to support students in their quest to explore the world.


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