Study Abroad Programs in Europe

study abroad programs europe

When it comes to study abroad programs, Europe is a popular destination. From historical sites and diverse cultural scenes to distinct cuisines and political scenes, Europe offers something for every student.

A variety of programs are offered by colleges and universities throughout the region. Some students opt to travel for a semester while others choose to spend a full year studying in a foreign country. Students can also take part in internships for credit.

Students can choose from over 4,200 master’s degree programs in continental Europe. The EU encourages European study abroad by offering scholarships and support to students.

Many European universities participate in the Erasmus program. The program provides scholarships and grants to help pay for living and travel expenses. Depending on the distance from home to the study location, the amount of the grant can range from 150 to 500 euros.

IES offers study abroad programs in Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona. In addition to academic coursework, IES offers subsidized 1- and 2-day field trips. They also offer residence halls and apartment rentals.

Studying in Europe can be an expensive experience. It is recommended to apply for a visa three months in advance of your intended date of departure.

Before you apply, check the website of the university you are interested in. Make sure the university offers the study abroad program you are interested in. You may need to provide immunization records, health records, and phone plan coverage.

If you are a student studying in an area that is not English-speaking, you may have to learn the language. This can be intimidating, especially if you have never studied in the country.


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