Study Medicine in New Zealand

For those interested in studying medicine in New Zealand, the country has a number of schools to choose from. These universities provide students with quality academic experiences, as well as affordable costs of living. While choosing a university to study in, it is important to consider programs, courses, and class sizes.

The University of Auckland offers a Bachelor of Health Science, which is commonly known as MBBS. This program includes a range of subjects that cover basic biomedical science, as well as social influences on health.

Other schools include the University of Otago and the University of Wellington. Both of these schools are ranked among the top institutions in the world. Students who wish to study medicine in these places will have a challenging and rewarding experience.

Medicine in New Zealand has an employment outlook that is bright. It is not uncommon for graduates to go on to research, or pursue further training in other countries. However, if you plan to practice in New Zealand, you will need to apply to the Medical Council of New Zealand for registration.

Aside from the education opportunities, New Zealand has an exemplary healthcare system. Medical students in this country receive free or subsidised dental care and optical care. And with low crime rates, you will be safe while studying.

New Zealand is also a popular destination for international students. In fact, the demand for international students has increased in recent years. Although a relatively small percentage of the country’s population is eligible to study medicine, it is an extremely competitive field.


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