What is a Foreign Student?

foreign student

The foreign student is a non-citizen who enrolls in an institution of higher education in a country outside of his or her home country. Unlike other visa categories, the foreign student does not necessarily have an entry qualification to the current level of study in another country.

Foreign students provide universities and colleges with a number of benefits. They enable students to connect with a wider global network, contribute to the economy, and offer valuable skills to the local business community.

International students often study in large, fast-growing cities in emerging markets. While these students contribute to the local economy, their presence can be challenging. There are a number of factors that can interfere with their ability to obtain work visas.

One of the biggest challenges for international students is that there are a limited number of work visas available for graduates. Although there have been efforts to simplify the visa process, these changes remain contentious.

As the country continues to become more globally-engaged, local leaders need to understand the foreign student market. In particular, they should emulate leading practices to enhance educational experiences for students and maximize their contribution to the metropolitan economy.

This report looks at trends in foreign student study and explores the impact of international students on metropolitan economies. It provides an overview of key data, presents the results at the national level, and discusses policy options and practical steps for metropolitan leaders to follow.

A new wave of international students is coming to the United States. These are children of the ascendant middle class. Many of these students are coming from China and other emerging economies.


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