Study Abroad Summer Programs

study abroad summer programs

Study abroad summer programs offer an opportunity for students to gain international experience, improve language proficiency, and explore other cultures. Many study abroad programs also include excursions and weekend trips. Students who are considering this option should consult an advisor or an academic advisor for more details.

ASU Global Education offers a variety of study abroad options for a range of majors. These programs are designed for students who want to take courses and explore the world while still staying on track to graduate.

Arcadia College offers a range of programs in Italy and Spain. The programs are intensive in nature and cover a wide range of subjects, including architecture, engineering, language, and more.

Summer is an ideal time to participate in a study abroad program because you can easily fit it into your schedule. Besides, the summer months are a great way to catch up on credit, gain international experience, and build your resume.

One of the most popular types of study abroad programs is the partnership program. This allows you to travel to and explore a new country, while also gaining hands-on work experience in a career field you’re interested in. It also gives you the freedom to create your own activities, making it an ideal opportunity for independent learners.

Oxford Royale Academy’s Summer Study Abroad is a two week program that includes a “survival Italian” language class and other cultural activities. You’ll also be able to participate in SAI coordination.


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