The Institute For Study Abroad

institute for study abroad

Study abroad is a great way to experience a new culture and expand your interests. It also opens doors to jobs, universities, and other opportunities. However, you should take the time to look at all the options available.

There are a wide range of study abroad programs, from short term courses to full academic year programs. Depending on your specific needs and interests, you can find a program that suits you best.

The Institute for Study Abroad provides personal and individual support services for U.S. and Canadian students, and supports 120+ programs throughout the world. While the majority of the organization’s programs are aimed at university students, there are also summer camps, short-term travel opportunities, and working adult programs.

IES Abroad is one of the largest providers of study abroad in the United States. With 140+ programs in 85 locations, IES offers an extensive academic governance system and a devoted all-volunteer board of directors. Thousands of students annually participate in IES Abroad’s programs.

Aside from IE’s renowned study abroad services, the Institute has also forged partnerships with educational institutions around the world. Through these partnerships, IES offers programs in China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Paris, Shanghai, and more.

In addition to its own study abroad programs, IES offers internships in various fields. These internships can include environmental education, agribusiness research, and cultural heritage. During the internship, you’ll have the chance to experience life in the host country. You’ll have the opportunity to gain real-world experience and build your resume.


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