Learning English in Ireland

english in ireland

The relationship between England and Ireland is responsible for the development of the English language in Ireland. It began in the Middle Ages. In the 16c, large numbers of English and Scottish planters arrived in Ireland. These new landowners intermarried with the native population.

As a result, Irish language was considered as the “poor man’s language”. There were few opportunities for Catholics in the public life. During the Great Famine, the island’s population was reduced from 8.5 million to 4.5 million. This was a major reason for the decline of the Irish language.

Eventually, English became the language of law, administration, and political institutions. However, the Catholic middle class still spoke the language. By the late 18th century, the Irish language was declining.

Penal Laws, which were targeted towards the Irish Catholic population, accelerated the decline of the Irish language. Hence, more and more people learned English.

Despite the decline of the Irish language, the majority of the population continues to speak English. The majority of the English speaking population in Ireland is young. They have good memory and are easy going.

Learning English in Ireland is very easy and fun. It is the perfect destination for any student who wishes to learn the language.

You can enroll in one of the many courses available in Dublin and other cities. These include exam preparation, general English, business and study courses. Several academies and colleges are available for your study needs. Moreover, the country has a strong teaching tradition.


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