Study Medicine in France For International Students

study medicine in france for international students

France offers a high quality of education in the field of medicine. As one of the leading medical institutions in Europe, the French healthcare system is renowned for providing quality treatment to all its patients. Many doctors from other countries have come to study in France to pursue their careers.

The French medical education system is highly competitive. International students must qualify for admission by passing a competitive exam. If you wish to study medicine in France, you need to ensure that you have the necessary skills and qualifications to successfully complete your studies.

Studying medicine in France requires a lot of dedication. You need to meet the basic requirements, such as good grades and a solid level of French. In addition, you need to have access to adequate financial resources for your studies. However, the cost of studying medicine in France is relatively low.

Medical universities in France offer a wide variety of courses in the medical field. For example, students can pursue a degree in pharmacy, physiotherapy or veterinary studies. Other programs include traditional medicine and newer, more innovative approaches.

The first cycle of medical studies lasts for two years. After the completion of this cycle, students can choose their specialty. They then proceed to the second cycle. This cycle lasts four years and includes training, seminars, and an internship in a hospital.

Students who have completed the second cycle of medical studies can take the national classification test and select a medical specialty. Those who have passed this examination are awarded the Diploma of Specialized Studies.


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