How to Study English in France

study english in france

The first step towards studying in France is to learn French. Although the number of native speakers in the country is relatively small, learning the language will open up a variety of doors in the job market.

In the past several years, many universities in France have begun offering some of their programs in English. These include undergraduate degrees, postgraduate studies and study abroad semesters. There are also several online resources available to help you find the right program for you.

It’s important to note that these courses are not free. Tuition costs vary depending on the subject you choose and how long you plan on studying.

Luckily, the costs are usually a fraction of what they would be in the UK. Some of the larger private universities can cost upwards of EUR 3,000 per year. However, state-run universities are much less expensive.

You should also consider how many hours of study you are able to devote each week. Intensive study usually involves 35-45 hours a week. If you opt for a one-to-one class, you may be able to cut that down to just a few hours a week.

As for the quality of study, French institutions are renowned for their methodology and teaching techniques. French linguists use computer technology to enhance their lessons.

For example, the French government subsidizes public universities, allowing them to offer English-taught courses at lower tuition rates. On the other hand, private universities charge a higher fee, but they are a good choice if you are looking to earn a degree while living in Europe.


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