Online Nutrition Degree Programs

online nutrition degree

An online nutrition degree program helps students understand the importance of nutrition in our lives. They may pursue careers as dietitians, public health professionals, or as health educators.

Online degree programs often offer courses in biology, anatomy, nutrition relating to culture and sport, and interdisciplinary aspects. Some programs also provide supervised experiential learning, which takes the form of an internship. Depending on the school, some online students may be required to participate in live video discussions or lectures.

ASU’s BSc nutritional science distance learning program is geared toward budding food entrepreneurs. The course also emphasizes media and communication skills, service management, and business skills. Applicants must complete standardized test scores, submit a personal statement, and submit a reference form.

Purdue University’s Global Nutrition Degree program offers a wide range of courses. Students are prepared for industry certification exams. During the program, students can work towards concurrent masters degrees. Additionally, the university offers tutoring and academic success services.

There are also a number of scholarships available to students. For example, the Association of Food and Drug Officials awards a $2,500 scholarship to students pursuing a degree in food science. Other opportunities include Feeding Tomorrow, which provides scholarship opportunities for food science students.

Rutgers University’s online BSc Nutrition degree program is completed in two to three years depending on status. To earn this degree, students must complete a minimum of 1,200 hours of clinical exposure. If they fail, they may have their enrollment revoked.


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